About Us

Our Mission

     To spread the love and knowledge of Ballroom Dancing


Our Story


     The foundation of our ballroom dance studio was built by Lev and Yelena Vesnovskiy. Lev and Yelena are Professional Ballroom Dancers who came to the United States in the late 1990's. Prior to their move to the United States, they were Department Heads in the Fine Arts University of Novosibirsk, were they organized classes that specialized in the training of Professional Dance Instructors. They owned their own dance studio; were they trained dancers to become Champions and Finalist of many prestigious Russian Championships.


     Lev and Yelena founded Atlantic Ballroom Dance Studio in 2001, with the mission to spread their love and knowledge of dance to everyone who was willing to learn and train. Atlantic Ballroom was founded on principles that would allow people of all ages and levels to learn the art of dancing. Lev and Yelena created an environment where: 


  • Adults could enjoy the social aspect of  ballroom dance lessons with their peers and loved ones,

  • Youth, teenager, and juniors could train competitively to become better performers and athletes,

  • Pre-teen children could start on their path to becoming competitive ballroom dancers,

  • And even children as young as three years old could learn to coordinate and develop their bodies to enjoy the magical feeling of dance and music. 


     To this day, Atlantic Ballroom Dance Studio stands by its principles, and provides people with the opportunity to express themselves in the form of dancing.


     Whether you're a competitive dancers who takes four private dance lessons per day, or you just like to dance with your beloved and relax, Atlantic Ballroom is the place for you!