Daniil Vesnovskiy

      Daniil was born in Novosibirsk, Russia. When he was seven he moved with his parents to New York where he has lived ever since. Daniil was raised around ballroom dancing; one might say his career seemed inevitable.


     In 2001 Daniil began his competitive career and has yet to come up for air. He has competed all over the country and represented the United States in the Junior Blackpool Championships in Blackpool, England. He holds national titles ranging from J1 to Under 21. Daniil’s most notable and recent title being the US Under 21 National Standard Champion in 2011. He has also been a finalist and winner in the Open Amateur category of many prestigious competitions across the US and Canada.


     Daniil has inherited a love of dancing and teaching from his parents, whos influence and input seems to be limitless. While still very much involved in the studio he also makes time to practice and train daily with his current amateur partner, Emily Thorpe. Daniil and Emily are current national semi-finalists and are one of the top 10-dance couples in the country.


     Daniil is available for private lessons as well as ladies singles competition and preparation.(“Singles” is a category that is available for girls to keep up with their competitions during a time that they do not have a partner)