Emily Thorpe

     Emily was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. She began her dancing career in ballet at age three and her love of dancing quickly grew from there. While continuing through her adolescence with ballet, Emily also became interested in competitive gymnastics.


     At age 10 Emily was introduced to ballroom dancing through her parents, and in six months quickly exceeded the knowledge they had gained over 3 years. Soon it became clear that she would need to make a choice between ballroom and gymnastics, and she chose ballroom dancing. She began her competitive career as a junior in the Pro-Am category.


     By age 16 Emily was a national finalist in her division and made her way to the world championships in Pro-Am 10-dance where she won her first world title. During this time she continued with her ballet and modern dance training and is extremely knowledgeable in choreography and technique in these two styles.


     Emily is currently competing in the open amateur 10-dance division with Daniil Vesnovskiy.