Lyuba Bugshteyn

     Lyuba was born in Kaliningrad, Russia. She started in her career in gymnastics and Russian character dance at age seven. Lyuba discovered ballroom dancing at age 11 and immediately fell in love. She completed a specialized music program, which ran parallel to her regular high school curriculum at age 17, to further benefit her dancing.


     She started teaching ballroom to children and adults at age 19. She taught while attending the University of Kaliningrad where she specialized in Pedagogical Training. After university, Lyuba ran her own dance school, a sector of the National Center for Modern Art in Russia for six years. Many of her students here saw great results starting from a very young age including second and first places starting from the Pre-teen Open to the World Championships in Russia and Poland.


     Lyuba moved to America in 1997 and began teaching in various dance schools around the New York City area. In 2000 she met Yelena and has been a part of Atlantic Ballroom Dance Studio since its first day in business in 2003. Lyuba teaches many of our youngest stars starting with our 2-3 year old class. These classes are focused on bringing out the potential in the children and directing this potential towards specific goals. Each class is fun and exciting for the children. They learn a variety of skills including a sense of rhythm, direction, hearing and movement. Starting dancing classes at a young age can greatly benefit a child’s communication and social skills. Lyuba’s classes also help to develop each child’s individuality as well as discipline and respect for their classmates, teacher and most importantly, themselves.


     Lyuba is available for group classes, private lessons and wedding preparation classes.