Yelena Vesnovskaya

     Yelena has been teaching and training champions for the past 30 years. From a very young age of seven, she studied Ballet, Character, Modern, and Contemporary dance in Russia. At age twelve she discovered Ballroom Dancing, which quickly became her primary style of dance.


     Her teaching journey began at age of 14 in her home town of Nakhodka, Russia. She initially volunteered as an instructor, but quickly became adored and looked up to by her peers and elders. Yelena competed in regional, national, and international competition. Her dedication and passion as a competitor helped her become one of the top dancers in Russia. Yelena attended the Culture and Performing Arts University (NOKK) in Novosibirsk Russia, where she graduated with degrees in Choreography and Ballet Mastery. During her studies at the University Yelena met her final partner in dance and in life, Lev Vesnovskiy. Together they developed the curriculum for the first fully Ballroom Dance Department at the University of NOKK, where they were both head administrators. While working at NOKK University, Lev and Yelena published books, teaching materials, and had been cited in teaching technique and development publications. In their Ballroom Dance Department they trained dancers in the art of educating and developing other dancers. They directed their Universities show programs, as well as the annual Novosibirsk performing arts concert. Their graduating students become nationally acclaimed instructors and studio owners.


     Yelena and Lev owned and instructed in one of the most prestigious ballroom clubs in Russia. As club owners they organized competitions and participated as judges in regional and national championships. Many of their students went on to be World and Russian finalist.


     In November of 1997 Yelena and her family moved to New York City with the hopes of continuing her influence on the dance community. Before opening her own studio, Yelena became a qualified instructed in multiple Fred Astaire Dance Studios. While working at these studios Yelena added to her, already vast, knowledge the American style programs of Rhythm, Smooth, and Social.


     In December of 2001 Yelena opened Atlantic Ballroom Dance Studio. Here her primary focus has been to raise children to be determined and passionate competitors. Yelena’s collective education and experience from Russian and the United States brings a strict and diverse curriculum to Atlantic Ballroom. The training and development of dancers starts as early as three years old. By building a strong base of knowledge, technique and mechanics children are given the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of Ballroom Dancing. Yelena trains children through the various levels of competitive dancing. From Bronze to Championship level, children are taught the fundamentals of being an athlete as well as a performer. To become the best athletes and performers they can be; teenagers and adult competitors develop their skills and talents by learning from Yelena everything they can. They train every day and strive to be the best, following in Yelena’s footsteps; they are determined and passionate about becoming the best.


     Atlantic Ballroom Dance Studio breeds success. Yelena is responsible for raising many United States finalists and semi-finalists. Yelena’s influence can be tracked down to the roots of many current competitive dancers. She is greatly loved and appreciated by past and present students. Today she looks forward to training the next wave of world class ballroom dancers. Her knowledge and experience continues to be passed on by captivating the minds of young and old students alike.